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Wendy K. DeWind  - Partner


The Personal

When not at work or with her children, Wendy DeWind will be found in her vegetable garden. Period. “Anyone who knows me, knows I love to garden,” she laughs. She’s good at it, too. Her ability to plan ahead, plant accordingly and tend thoughtfully produces beautiful results, a talent not lost on her colleagues. As the firm’s managing partner, she brings these skills to work with her every day. “In addition to my caseload, I’m responsible for the business end of the business,” she explains. “With the assistance of our office manager, Gail Brennan, I review the lease, negotiate with vendors, whatever it takes to keep the lights on and the firm running smoothly.” 
In her “former life” DeWind was as a communications professional. “It’s the perfect preparation for education law,” she notes. “Many of the situations we handle come down to communication issues. When people get entrenched in their positions, I’m able to facilitate a conversation and help all parties move forward.” She especially enjoys putting this skill set to work on special education and civil rights cases.


The Professional

Wendy K. DeWind, Managing Partner, has been practicing Education and Labor Law since 1997, received her J.D. degree from State University at Buffalo, School of Law and admitted to the bar, 1996, New York and U.S. District Court, Northern District of New York; 1996, U.S. District Court, Western District of New York; member of the New York State Bar Association, Broome County Bar Association.  Member of NYS Council of School Attorneys, NYS School Boards Association, National Council of School Attorneys and National School Boards Association.