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James A. Gregory – Managing Partner

The Personal


The self-professed practical joker of the firm, Gregory knew he’d found the right place to work when he draped pretzels over all the pens in the office and his colleagues were knot (sic) annoyed by his prank. Indeed, they all laughed. Gregory says inspiring universal good humor is the key to a good practical joke. “You should never pull a practical joke to make someone feel bad or make everyone else laugh,” insists Gregory. “It’s only fun if everyone’s having fun. ” Gregory has passed along this playful nature to his daughter, Audrey Clare. “I have a giant jar filled with corks I’ve collected,” he shares. “My daughter now makes the family laugh by filling my shoes and pockets with them. ”


Inspiring good will among his clients is Gregory’s favorite part of the job. “We do a lot of work ahead of time identifying the potential landmines in a case,” he says. “Then we guide our course to avoid them. ” In criminal defense work, for instance, no one calls before they commit a crime to ask whether they should. Here, clients feel comfortable, knowing they can call with their questions before they act. “No joke,” Gregory reports happily.



The Professional


James A. Gregory, Partner, has been practicing Education and Labor Law since 2001, received his J.D. degree from Hofstra University, School of Law and admitted to the New York bar 1999 and the  Michigan bar 2000; U.S. District Court Eastern District of Michigan; U.S. District Court, Northern District of New York, Western District of New York, 2002; member of New York State Bar Association and Broome County Bar Association.  Member of NYS Council of School Attorneys, NYS School Boards Association, National Council of School Attorneys and National School Boards Association.